1-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: There's a Devil for every Level! Taking on such a great position as Archbishop comes with greater challenges. What type of responsibilities and challenges do you believe you will encounter as Archbishop?

BISHOP MICHAEL TURPIN: “What we are encountering now based on what I consider to be the lack of desire in the Kingdom of God as well as in the world work place where people just hear the unadulterated Gospel, so I think the challenge is still the same, bring the Gospel to a dying world who doesn’t want to receive it. So there’s no new challenge just an amped up focus, not because of the assignment but because of the lateness of the hour. The assignment doesn’t alter the command.”

2-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: Who do you get your leadership inspiration from?

BISHOP MICHAEL TURPIN: “Growing up I got my desire to share the Word and preaching from Bishop William McKinley. I got my worship influence as a pastor and leader from watching Archbishop Roy E. Brown. I got my compassion and community influences from my first pastor, Reverend James B. Cross and church order and instruction influence from my former pastor, Bishop George Foster. So the person that I am today is a composite of several different ministerial influences.”

3-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What is your view of the Black Lives Matter Movement in America?

BISHOP MICHAEL TURPIN: “Black movements have always come at the behest of a need. Black Lives Matter, is not an isolated movement but it is a call to a generation that had no issue to sight or challenge to rise up to. So because of the need for a challenge to produce great leadership, I believe that’s why Black Lives Matter for a people, had shameless views or no views at all but in actuality all lives matter. The movement has produced in a dormant population of African American men and women a need to see social justice and change, to that fact, I applaud it. To what would appear to be a singular focus-“black lives”- I disagree and if we are a part of a global community then the success of our species and people means all lives matter.” 

4-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What will you do to bridge the gap between the millennial generation (born 1980 to about 2000) and baby boomers (those born between 1946 to 1964) in Pilgrim Assemblies?

BISHOP MICHAEL TURPIN: “I think for the young, I want to be an inspiration and for the old I want to be a reminder. I want to have a sound that the old can hear and remember and a sound the young can see and be inspired.”

5-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What do you want the world to know about the newly appointed Archbishop Michael Turpin?

BISHOP MICHAEL TURPIN: “We are doing a youth program at the church for the millennials. And we are teaching them speech, culture, how to walk, poise and the art of communication. The millennials are statistically the most churchless generation in the history of America, this is not a bad thing or a good thing- it “just is”. When something “just is”, it becomes a belief. So with this belief we might need to consider, how do we minister to “what is” when it appears as though we have to get in front of what’s next.”“I want them to know that positions, elevations and moments of moving forward in responsibility should be applauded and they are great. I want the world to know these things matter in the grand scheme of things but if my ultimate purpose is not to do the will of God based upon my calling, then in actuality I’ve done nothing at all but just received another outfit to wear. So I want the world to know JESUS is REAL and a relationship with Him is the only thing that will keep you committed to the call of God. PRAYER STILL HAS POWER!” “Prayer still releases power, prayer still produces power and builds relationship with God. Let’s keep a relationship with God as a paramount focus. If you have no prayer tolerance, you have no prayer life! The prayer stamina is no longer present if you don’t spend time in prayer. You must tap in and find the grace and mantle that comes upon you during prayer.” “A long time ago God freed me from the opinions of people. God foreknew me and knows me outside of time and now I am free from the emotional bondage of church and I have become connected to the SPIRIT of TRUTH. I am free.”