1-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: There's a Devil for every Level! Taking on such a great position as Archbishop comes with greater challenges. What type of responsibilities and challenges do you believe you will encounter as Archbishop?

BISHOP GEORGE M. SHORTS: “I don’t know if there will be a challenge. I want to live up to the elevation and the responsibility. I see it more as being responsible to handle the bishopric in the area of Pilgrim Assemblies in an excellent manner.”

2-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: Who do you get your leadership inspiration from?

BISHOP GEORGE M. SHORTS: “I get my leadership inspiration from Archbishop Roy E. Brown. I have been under his leadership over 46 years. He has really been an inspiration of what a leader is in his ability to weather storms, and to go through leading triumphantly. His ability to believe God for anything, being able to mentor, train and develop leaders, his ability to make things happen, has inspired me that as a leader you must stand tall, run to the war and be able to be a problem solver and be an example.”

3-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What is your view of the Black Lives Matter Movement in America?

BISHOP GEORGE M. SHORTS: “I have two points of view with the Black Lives Matter Movement. I really feel that Black lives really matter. We are significant, our young people are significant. We have a role to play in our society. I feel that we are human like any body else. It matters when someone is shot down or brutally beat or taken advantage of by policemen. Now the other side to that is, I think black lives need to know themselves, that they matter. It’s not enough for someone else to know that they matter, but they must know that they matter and they must be able to treat themselves in a special way. What you don’t do for yourself, you can’t expect anybody else to do for you. They must carry themselves in a way where they must know I matter, therefore I’m not going to get tied up with the law or do anything to become suspect to the law. They must know that “I matter” and I don’t want to get caught up on the wrong side of the law. It’s two fold, cops need to know that Black lives matter, white folks need to know Black lives matter, but most importantly, black lives need to know they are valuable and that they matter to each other.”

4-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What will you do to bridge the gap between the millennial generation (born 1980 to about 2000) and baby boomers (those born between 1946 to 1964) in Pilgrim Assemblies?

BISHOP GEORGE M. SHORTS: “I think we need more forums, a better communication and being able to touch them without judging them and being open and sensitive to what they are dealing with in these times. The times are much worse than the times that we grew up in. So we have to touch them without criticizing and condemning them. We must treat them with love, understanding and with an open arm and hands to help them.”

5-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What do you want the world to know about the newly appointed Archbishop George Malachi Shorts?

BISHOP GEORGE M. SHORTS: “I believe and take God seriously. I believe in the high standard of living. I believe that I was born with a purpose and my purpose above all the other purposes is to lift the name of Jesus and to expand the Kingdom of God. I believe that I am a prophetic voice in this season and in this time to the nations to pronounce, proclaim the freedom and the liberty of God and the power in the hand of God. In my ministry time I would like to achieve by expanding the church, reaching people, reaching the young people, reaching people of all ages giving them a well-rounded Christian message. Meeting every need, I believe God wants to meet the total man- his spiritual need, his natural need, his economic need and his purpose in the earth realm-the Total Man!”