1-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What is it like to be the coadjutor to the patriarch (Archbishop Roy E. Brown) of the Pilgrim Assemblies International? What is your vision for the future of Pilgrim Assemblies International?

ARCHBISHOP WILLIAM HUDSON III: I am honored. It is a difficult task to continue because I want to stay in line with his vision. Pilgrim has a strong foundation and I am building on it. I am bridging the gap. My charge is to continue the foundation that Archbishop Brown has already laid with the spirit of excellence, worship and leadership. I want to set a pattern and model for pastors and leaders. We want them to have a model so they don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We want programs in place for emerging pastors, new pastors who are starting from scratch and pastors who are taking over from established churches. I want a curriculum of impartation and inspiration for pastors. I want to have a plan to train New Pastors and have mentoring for Emerging Pastors.  Pilgrim should be a place of impartation and information.

2-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: How has your use of social media impacted Pilgrim Assemblies International?

ARCHBISHOP WILLIAM HUDSON III: We have Cyber church, we are on Facebook, Instagram, Livestream, website and our future goal is to have online classes.

3-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What should the people expect when attending Holy Convocation? What would you like people to walk away with?

ARCHBISHOP WILLIAM HUDSON III: Our Holy Convocation is set up for people to get the WORD of God, experience a MOVE of God and ultimately get new direction. There are saints coming from many different states and countries to have fellowship with each other as One Body of Believers. Holy Convocation is a time to meditate on the Lord. People who attend will be revived, rebuilt, repaired and restored.

4-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: Are there any difficult issues that the Assemblies is facing?

ARCHBISHOP WILLIAM HUDSON III: I have to make the vision palatable to the next generation. I’m still learning and growing but God is with me.

5-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: How is Pilgrim Assemblies International different from other organizations?

ARCHBISHOP WILLIAM HUDSON III: Our history is great. We are blessed to have our Apostolic Father, our General Archbishop Roy E. Brown the founder, who focused on Prayer, Praise, Prophetic and Preaching still with us. He imparts wisdom to us and I can go to him to receive help in transitioning us to the next level. We have 50 years of information from our Archbishop Brown.

6-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What vision do you have for the youth, women and families?

ARCHBISHOP WILLIAM HUDSON III: We want to raise up young prophets and pastors. We also want to involve more women and families in ministry.

7- MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: Do you have interest in overseas missions?

ARCHBISHOP WILLIAM HUDSON III: YES! We went to Ghana, Africa last year with our Foreign Missions President Bishop Lester Bradford and a delegation from Pilgrim. We are going to follow Bishop Bradford’s lead when he does missions and we want to support him when he goes to Antigua. We do have a vision to have Pilgrim churches overseas, we want Pilgrim to be global.