1-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: There's a Devil for every Level! Taking on such a great position as Archbishop comes with greater challenges. What type of responsibilities and challenges do you believe you will encounter as Archbishop?

BISHOP E. BERNARD JORDAN: “There’s a devil for every level so the first would be organization because whenever there is a new title there are new responsibilities and the devil shows up in the details. Structure would be next, because it means that a new foundation has to be built. When you are changing structures, people have difficulty with changes and transitions so what they are doing means now it no longer works, so the next devil would be called breakdown. Because the devil always causes an upset, ultimately the breakdown is necessary for you to come to the next point of your breakthrough.”

2-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: Who do you get your leadership inspiration from?

BISHOP E. BERNARD JORDAN: “My leader inspiration comes from the Word of God, Jesus Christ being the Chief CEO, (Chief Executive Officer). Archbishop Roy E. Brown, to see a man that has taken on building a church, building a movement, building a school from preschool to twelfth grade. And even the way he handles church property and it’s growth and expansion. My other leadership inspiration comes from men that have taken on leadership in the world in terms of how to handle controversy around their leadership. Reverend Ike, Rev. Al Sharpton, Don King- when odds were against them, when controversy was around them, they didn’t let anything stop them, they kept moving forward. I watched how they handled their family in controversy and the cost of the controversy, but yet the evolution of their own leadership; how they maintained their integrity in their style of leadership because commitment creates a future and it shows that their commitment was stronger than their controversy.”

3-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What is your view of the Black Lives Matter Movement in America?

BISHOP E. BERNARD JORDAN: “My view of the Black Lives Matter Movement in America is that black lives do matter. And it’s a social justice movement that for some reason a voice has to be taken outside of the church walls and put in the streets. Black Lives Matter represent movement of a new era, which is heads of leadership where there is no visible head that you can point to that leads the movement. It’s the same thing that happened when Egypt fell, when you look at some terrorist movements it looks like they are movements with no head and faceless leadership where the ideology is leading the movement and not a personality. I believe the church can learn a lot from Black Lives Matter or from the era of the day. When will we see a movement from the church where the Word of God as principle is leading it and not a personality leading the organization?” 

4-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: Do you foresee the church getting involved and spearheading being a part of the Black Lives Matter Movement?

BISHOP E. BERNARD JORDAN: “Black Lives Matter Movement has not invited the church to the table. The church has missed the mark in not being in the Black Lives Matter conversation but it might be that the church could be present in it, but the church doesn’t have a leader (which is a personality), so it becomes in violation of the movement because the movement is a faceless organization. There’s nothing wrong with it, but because of the era we are in, it appears to be a faceless movement. Similar to the tea party movement, it is also a faceless and headless party.”

5-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What will you do to bridge the gap between the millennial generation (born 1980 to about 2000) and baby boomers (those born between 1946 to 1964) in Pilgrim Assemblies?

BISHOP E. BERNARD JORDAN: “We are doing a youth program at the church for the millennials. And we are teaching them speech, culture, how to walk, poise and the art of communication. The millennials are statistically the most churchless generation in the history of America, this is not a bad thing or a good thing- it “just is”. When something “just is”, it becomes a belief. So with this belief we might need to consider, how do we minister to “what is” when it appears as though we have to get in front of what’s next.”

6-MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: You stated that you have these elements you brought to your church, are you planning to bring it to Pilgrim Assemblies on a larger scale?

BISHOP E. BERNARD JORDAN: “Yes, we also want to extend it to the other churches and community. We are working with people who have worked with Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Mary J. Blige, different artists and team members dealing with makeup, dealing with culture, teaching us how to be socialites, taking and giving back to the community. Thirty year olds and under are learning how to go from their sweat-suits to high heels. We are having an event, a banquet on July 11 and they will show people how to come out of street clothing and dress up for a five-star event.”

7- MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: You are known as the “Tech Bishop”, do you have a plan bringing technology and the church together?

BISHOP E. BERNARD JORDAN: “One major billionaire calls me the “Digital Bishop” in terms of what we do in technology and social media. We are in the process of putting a team together out of countries all around the world, developing a platform for an interactive school of the prophets for people who want to develop their prophetic ministry and prophetic gifting. We are going to introduce on Impact Network (a Christian Television Network to over 40 million homes), a weekly show to help people to develop the gift of prophecy and manifestation of prophets and dream interpretation. We are getting ready to coin and trademark the word Prophecology (the word or the study of the Prophet).”

8- MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What do you want the world to know about the newly appointed Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan?

BISHOP E. BERNARD JORDAN: “He is the most trusted name in Prophecy.”