About ASQUI Ventures:

ASQUI Ventures is a creative conglomerate spanning the Media, Entertainment, Fashion and Communication Industries.

Established in 2005 by fashion designer, Dewry Bradford, ASQUI Ventures was formed to meet a specific need. During this period, brands were experiencing similar issues. They needed to stay on-trend and consistent without breaking the bank. As former Head Designer/Design Director of various popular brands, such as Steve Madden, Sean John, Puma, Popluxe, Phat Farm and Ecko, Dewry honed in on his expertise to produce products within the Outerwear and Ready-to-wear Markets.

Pairing up with the owners of non-profit memorial Steel Standing and becoming partners at Central America Branding, Dewry has repurposed his branding and creative skills to monetize artists within the Latin and Hip-Hop music genres through commodities, merchandising and apparel design. 

Dewry Bradford: Biography

– Branding Director

 In 1999, Dewry L. Bradford set out to pursue a career in fashion.  After attending the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T) in New York City, he officially launched his career in fashion.  His very first collection was for the famed music group Wu-Tang which he created and developed their brand “Wu-Wear” with then creative designer, Kevin Leong.  From there, he created and designed collections for various celebrities such as Outkast, J-Lo, Nelson Mandela, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jay-Z, Fabolous, Michael Vick, Richie Rich, Vinnie from Naughty by Nature and Russell Simmons. 

Mr. Bradford enjoyed years of success in lifestyle-outerwear as Creative Director of Sean John, Ecko International, Steve Madden and Phat Farm. In 2005, after head designing for a number of brands, Mr. Bradford launched ASQUI LLC that became the force behind many of the ready to wear collections today.  Quickly making a favorable stamp in the Fashion Industry as an expert Outerwear and Leather Designer, Dewry set his sights on the Athletic aspect of the Fashion Industry.  He acquired deals with conglomerates such as Americo/Highlife to manage the K1X, And-1, Protégé’ and Michael Vick brands.  Underneath the Pirigi Group, he designed for Puma Kids.  Mr. Bradford was notably chosen in 2012 to present a collection of new directional designs to Brand Jordan’s executive team in Portland, Oregon.  

Under the ASQUI LLC umbrella, which later became ASQUI Ventures, Mr. Bradford cultivated many brands and launched new collections annually. He repurposed his knowledge, skills and relationships to manage celebrities from a branding aspect.  Mr. Bradford’s past clients include Marvel – The Avengers, UFC, Alice + Olivia, Heatherette, Popluxe and BET’s 106&Park just to name a few.  During Mr. Bradford’s time as head designer of Sean John, Sean “Diddy” Combs received the CFDA Men’s designer of the year award for his Sean John Collection.

As a visionary and creative, Mr. Bradford, through ASQUI Ventures, forges strategic partnerships with existing fashion brands such as Fourfront, One Wonder and Design & Co; Concert Promotion and Branding such as Central America Branding, International Branding Cartel and 180 South Group in 2016. 

Mr. Bradford has dedicated his professional life, honing his skills while continually expanding his knowledge of this ever-changing fashion industry.  This process has enabled him to train, motivate and inspire others by providing creative and technical direction to those he’s managed in the past.  Having a diverse background in the design process positioned him to be appointed as the Creative Director of the non-profit organization “Steel Standing Memorial Foundation.” As he turns his sights to community-based ventures, Mr. Bradford locked in a deal to become the Branding Director of TrueMed which he will produce their annual health and wellness event called “Hoops for Health” on the weekend of August 19th – 21st, 2016 in Brooklyn, NY.

In a move to expand his coffee business, Mark Sutton partnered with fashion designer and branding expert, Dewry Bradford – owner of New York-based ASQUI Ventures who connected L7BC to Phase 2 of their enterprising plans to launch Lucky 7 Coffee Brand’s “Coney Island Salt Water Roast” coffee towards the end of Summer 2016. Using the same sand-roasting method created by Chef Chardon in Atlantic City, Chef will now take the sand from Coney Island and roast the Cameroon Coffee Bean - launching L7BC’s new branded signature coffee “Coney Island Salt Water Roast” in honor of Coney Island’s illustrious history catering to the people.

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