MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: Do you remember your mind set when you first began Pilgrim? Were you planning to grow it into Pilgrim Assemblies or were you planning to leave it as one church?

ARCHBISHOP ROY E. BROWN: I didn’t think about any other church. I was not concerned about anything but that one church. I just preached the gospel and we had strong prayer services.

MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: How many members did Pilgrim Church start out with?

ARCHBISHOP ROY E. BROWN: Pilgrim Church started with 50 members.

MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: You had to eventually look into buying a bigger church and charter buses after a while?

ARCHBISHOP ROY E. BROWN: Yes, the church purchased those things and we had the favor of God in everything we did.

MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: Did things turn out how you wanted it to or did it exceed your expectations?

ARCHBISHOP ROY E. BROWN: It exceeded my expectations!

MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What is your vision now for Pilgrim Assemblies?

ARCHBISHOP ROY E. BROWN: Well, now i am no longer the visionary, we have a new visionary, Presiding Bishop William Hudson, so he will provide a new vision.

MINISTER DEWRY BRADFORD: What is your passion in life?

ARCHBISHOP ROY E. BROWN:  My passion is soul- winning!


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